Glen Cambell
What do i get

Based mainly in our bedrooms, we are father and son Henry and Stanley Miller.

Like many others Stan and I are isolating from the deadly virus until mid June.

Stan has type 1 diabetes and his sixth form is cancelled.

My work as a jobbing actor has now been put on hold due to my fun autoimmune disease which interestingly used to be named after a Nazi pathologist for which I take immunosuppressive drugs.

Unable to earn any money I've decided to draw and paint my record collection. All original art work is for sale @ £35 each or whatever you can afford. I'll be putting more up each day. I hope you like them. If any take your fancy and you have any spare income please get in touch directly at or vist the shop.

With much love
Henry and Stan

 Our cannon includes worm adventures, fervant nut worship, Jeremy Corbyn, wizards, The Fall and 6 Music genius Gideon Coe. We also draw pictures of Jim Bowen and grids amongst others things.





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