King Louie’s Lab

Today, young whipper snappers King Louie’s Lab  answer our list of mildly interesting questions. The collaboration between Fred Morris and Dominic Linton hail from South West London and they are bear good. If that’s still something people say.

CCZF: Hi Dom and Fred, apart from answering this email what are you doing right now?
KLL: Colouring a comic.
CCZF: Nice. How long have you been doing comics and art and stuff?
KLL. Our whole lives.
CCZF: In order of preference, what are your three favourite soups? We are compiling a chart.
KLL:  Pea and Ham soup, Chicken broth and Tomato soup.
CCZF: Classic and traditional choices. Can’t fault you there.
What are you reading and listening to at the moment?
CCZF: Another classic combination. You never are fully dressed without a smile.
Who cares what they’re wearing from Main Street to Saville row?
We were wondering – who is King Louie?
KLL: An ape.
CCZF: Doh! Course he is. King of the swingers.
Have you ever been to the Peter Cushing Museum in Whitstable?
KKL: Haven’t been to that.
CCZF: Neither have we. We would like to though.
If your ever in the Whitstable area apparently it’s worth the visit. Especially if you like Peter Cushing.
If you had to recommend a comic/graphic novel/zine for a 11 year old what would it be?
KKL: Cheeky Monkey.
CCZF: Shameless self promotion. Excellent. What are you working on at the moment?
CCZF: Splendid. What advice would you give to somebody starting out in comics?
KKL: Work really really hard and make tonnes of comics.
CCZF: Do you know how to get to the Blythe Hill Tavern?
KKL: No.
CCZF: Well. . .it’s a short walk from any Catford based Station or catch the 185 Lewisham bound bus from Forest Hill Station. Thanks for that Dom and Fred. Look forward to seeing you both on the 10th of December.
Cheeky Monkey and No Faces will be available CCZF or online at King Louie’s Lab 
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