10 Mildly Interesting Questions for Olivia Sullivan

Olivia Sullivan, the talented artist behind ‘Sid’ and ‘I Drank Holy Water’ plus one of Broken Frontier’s 6 people to watch in 2017 kindly answered our 10 mildly interesting questions ahead of her appearance at the Catford Comic and Zine Fair.

CCZF: Hey Olivia, what are you doing right now?

OS: Putting plasters on my gnarled-up hands. I shouldn’t be near sharp objects.

CCZF: Noted.
How long have you been doing comics and art and stuff?

OS: To some, my comics probably aren’t comics and I should be shunned for eternity. But, maybe one day I will be eligible to say I do art stuff.

CCZF: Anyone who says your comics aren’t comics can meet me and Stan behind the bike sheds at the Blythe Hill Tavern and we’ll put them straight.

In order of preference, what are your three favourite soups?

OS: I only drink tomato soup. So, all the tomato soups. I also hate tomatoes.
CCZF: Interesting development. To my reckoning that puts tomato level on points with pea and ham.

What are you reading and listening to at the moment?

OS: I am reading Animal Vegetable Mineral. That would be an interesting soup.
CCZF: Sure would. Pea, ham and calcium montmorillonite.
I’m listening to Lil Peep (RIP).

CCZF: You’re studying at the Royal College of Art. How’s it all going?

OS: I am in my final year now, so it is intense and going too fast. I love that place.

CCZF: Where’s the best place to skateboard?

OS: I do not skate very well, but I think the forest would be interesting.

CCZF: It sure would. There’s a film about forest skateboarding here.
If you had to recommend a comic/graphic novel/zine for a 11 year old what would it be?

OS: I liked reading the Beano/Dandy annuals at 11

But the new ones might be lame (?)

CCZF: Maybe.
I was bought up on stacks of Dandy, Beano, Whizzer and Chips and Topper. They were the best.

What are you working on at the moment?

OS: Too many different things at once, but nothing in the form of a book.

CCZF: What advice would you give to somebody starting out in comics?

OS: My advice is don’t take my advice, I don’t know what I am doing or talking about.

Do you know how to get to the Blythe Hill Tavern?

OS: Trains.
CCZF: Indeed. Catford Bridge and Forest Hill being the closet stations.
Thanks Olivia. See you on the 10th.

Meet Olivia and buy her wonderful comics at the Catford Comic and Zine Fair on the 10th of December at the award winning Blythe Hill Tavern.

Follow Olivia on Twitter here
and visit her website here

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