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DRC Submissions open

Good news! Dirty Rotten Comics are open to submissions for their celebrated comic anthology. Gary and Kirk are like the John Peel of comics world. Championing the unheard of outsider and giving platforms to those who are taking their first tentative steps in creating a comic. Stanley and I have both benefitted greatly from their…

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ELCAF 2017

This weekend we halftabled at ELCAF . A big thank you to everyone who stopped by. We met some wonderful people in sweltering heat of the round chapel and great fun was had all round. Magnificently the other half of our table being the dynamic duo of Kirk and Gary (the one with glasses) of Dirty…

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Schofield reveal

And here is the long awaited reveal of our new half table endorser Cardboard Philip Schofield. He bought his friend along with him, Cardboard Sadiq Kahn. Sadiq was over heard saying he had a large comic collection and is a big fan of Dan Cox and John Riordan’s Hitsville comic. 

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Cardboard Craven replacement

Cardboard John Craven is to be replaced for this years table display at ELCAF. His replacement is non other than Cardboard Philip Schofield. Schofield faced stiff opposition this year from tea time favourite Cardboard Fiona Bruce, however Schofield was deemed a safer pair of hands. On his retirement Cardboard John Craven said ” I’ve had…

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Dirty Rotten Comics 10

Stan and I will be in the all new colour edition of Dirty Rotten Comics 10. Many thanks to the intrepid duo that is Garth and Kirk. ‘Nasal Passages‘ is our first father/son collaboration and features our new character Tony Garlic. Out on the 19th May ra-5922dc480f0375d0

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Delighted to announce that we’re going to be at ELCAF! We have a half table on Friday 17th and Saturday 18th of June.    

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