ELCAF 2018 Report

The boy Stan and I were lucky enough to table for two days at This years ELCAF (East London Comic and Arts Fair). Thanks to everyone who dropped by. We saw Broken Frontier’s Andy Oliver without his hat. Marvelled at Nick White Standing on a chair, gave out free Starbars and ate scotch eggs. We met some great people from all over the world.

We shared tables with lovely Denise Hermo From Belgium and the outrageously funny Shanti Rai from West Ham. To our left was Rodrigo Tellez Repetto from Mexico City, the founder of the publishing house Ediciones Hungary. It was great to spend time with our friends Peter and Maria Hoey out of California from Coin Op Books.

We bought Tim Bird’s fantastic new book The Great North Wood and a Michael Deforge pin from the Short Box table.

Overall the festival seemed a little less busy than previous years. Perhaps the gorgeous weather and England’s success in the World Cup having something to do with it. There was one glaring error to our eyes in the festival. Why didn’t Gareth Brookes get a table?? However ELCAF remains one of the top Comic festivals in the UK.
Next up is SLCZF. See you there.

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