Lucy Sullivan

Lucy Sullivan by Daniel Bristow Bailey

We caught up with the talented Lucy Sullivan as she was about to embark on last weekends LICAF (Lakes International Comic Art Festival) to ask her some mildly interesting questions ahead of her appearance at the Catford Comic and Zine fair.

CCZF Hey Lucy, what are you doing right now?

LUCY Packing for LICAF this weekend whilst nursing a pre-festival flu. I’m surrounded by various bags and a lot of tissues.

CCZF We recommend Night Nurse. I had hair in that advert. How Long have you been drawing and making comics and stuff?

LUCY I’m old enough to not really remember for drawing. I certainly recall getting into lots of trouble at about 3 or 4 for drawing on the walls. A skill my own daughter has acquired. I’ve been making comics as a hobby (not really showing anyone) since I was in my teens. It was mainly painful prose with illustrated scenes of my many woes such as having my walkman pinched and such. Agonising to think of now. I’ve been making comics to share, less shamefully, since about 2016.

Life Drawing
Black Hammer Pin-up #2Madame Dragonfly – World Of Black Hammer Encyclopedia

CCZF Is Catford a long way from you?

LUCY A mere hop on a bus! I’m based in New Cross so it’s lovely n’ local.

CCZF What is your condiment of choice?

LUCY Mayonnaise. I can eat it by the spoonful. But do so in private, thankfully.

Mayonnaise by Hannah Lee Miller

CCZF Your long awaited graphic novel Barking is due imminently. On scale of 1 to 10 how excited are you?

LUCY Oh gosh! Can this be a scale of nerves too? I’m about a 9-10 equally for both. It’s been a decade in the making and, as it’s based on a personal experience, feels more akin to an exorcism than comic making. I’m thrilled to finally see it in print but anxious for the response from readers. 

CCZF What’s Barking about in one sentence?

LUCY It’s a tale of madness, grief and the ghosts that haunt us.

CCZF You funded Barking through crowd funding. How was that then?

LUCY A mammoth task. It looks 18 months to fund with Unbound, including 3 months to write an application for Arts Council England funding. There was much emailing, interviewing, talks, podcasting and events as well as an extraordinary amount of time on social media. But I got to make the book I hand in mind without limitation so it was worth all of that.

CCZF In order of preference what are your top 3 favourite soups?
LUCY I have a slight obsession with a perfect clear broth so all are broth based starting with the least fav…No.3: French Onion. From the genuine article on skiing holidays with my Dad to my Mum’s go-to packet of Maggi it’s a family staple. No2: Miso. Served with boiled rice and teppanyaki it’s about the most satisfying of soups there is and never quite big enough. No1: Prawn Won Ton. I grew up going to China town restaurants and have the most wonderful nostalgic vibes form the glorious concoction of crystal clear broth, slightly crunchy lettuce and slippery, silky won tons. I’m totally craving a bowl now.

CCZF What can we expect from your table at CCZF?

LUCY Hopefully, hardback copies of BARKING that I’ll happily scribble in for you, my 1 in 4 Zines to go with that project plus prints and Blue Risographs of the Dog. I’ll also have, hopefully, the first set of my new series of zines HOW TO BE A FEMINIST. Each zine is a 2 sided A4 mini comic that folds out to a letter. You can buy singularly by letter or the set to make the first word in the overall sentence. But more than anything you will find me smiling and ready to chat so come and say hi.

CCZF What are you listening to at the moment? 

LUCY P J Harvey. She appears regularly on my album shuffle playlist. It’s on loop whenever I’m writing and has lots of bands like Broken Social Scene, Roisin Murphy, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, This Is The Kit  etc & any songs I hear on the radio that get stuck in my head. Currently it’s Sault’s Let Me Go.

PJ Harvey and John Peel

CCZF I named my youngest daughter after a P J Harvey track and no, she’s not called Sheela. Where do you stand on the daytime quiz show Tipping Point? Work of genius or complete waste of time?

Ben Shephard hosting Tipping Point Lucky Stars. That’s Tipping Point with celebrities.

LUCY I’ve never seen it. I have a young kid so daytime’s are sacrosanct and strictly for work. Plus if it’s not Pointless I’m not interested.

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on Instagram @lucysullivanuk and visit her website here
You can meet Lucy and buy her wonderful work at the Catford Comic and Zine Fair Saturday 8th December at the Blythe Hill Tavern

Lucy and dog by Daniel Bristow Bailey